Tan Chuan Jin started as Singapore's 10th Speaker when the House sits on 11 September 2017 / Photo: gov.sg

Skepticism towards Speaker Tan Chuan Jin’s urge to employers, “Do not organise work activities that eat into family time”

Speaking at the Dads’ Day Out event held at the Singapore Sports Hub, Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin said that employers can help fathers more by being conscious about organising work activities that do not eat into family time.

Mr Tan gave the example of employers choosing to organise work activities at 6pm instead of 7.30pm, so that employees can get home at 8.30pm when their children are still awake and can spend time with them.

He added, “Lunchtime would be an even better time to organise work activities, as it does not eat into employees’ family time, and it’s cheaper as well”.

Mr Tan said being a father goes beyond providing for the children’s material needs, but also spending time together and doing things together.

“That’s immeasurable because what it does is that it makes our children feel loved, secure, confident, and I think that gives us a very strong basis for them to grow up,” he said.

However, many citizens were sceptic towards the Speaker’s suggestion on how employers can better manage the company schedule so as not to interfere with quality family time:

Zee Kwok Sheng wrote: “Lol. Wait till you come across employers organise activities out of office hours and tell you that your attendance compulsory. To make matter worse, the attendance is tie in with your appraisal.”

ANdy AlWin TAnn wrote: “With your salary, talk is so easy. Who doesn’t want a work life balance? With the high cost living and so many taxes cramping on us, we have no choice.”

Wong Yking wrote: “Most of them need to work for 12 hrs for 6 days per week for survival…where got family come first…”

Chia HuanSeng wrote: “When you are in the sandwich class in SG…..trying to make ends meet…thinking will be different…”

Wilson Lim wrote: “You know it’s never gonna work. Words from minister paid millions will never know the lives of the minions. Thus, nothing glorious from these million dollar ministers. Really.”

Frank Chong wrote: “Family life in the expense of losing your job, who dare to take the chance?”

Ah Kow Tan wrote: “You can say that because of your high pay. For the lower income earners, they struggle with 2 jobs leaving them with little work life balance.”

Some comments on the other hand, urged to enforce the idea to the employers:

Candida Chung wrote: “Talk is cheap lor.. should do a FINE for employers. only then they will be scared if they do… honestly speaking which of us never bring work back.”

Wee Heng Chai wrote: “Employers need to be forced. Not encourage etc. It will not work.”

Hanafi Hanz wrote: “Don’t just say…enforce it. Employers will just see it as ‘guidelines’…”