Daily Archives: 2018-06-16

What percentage of ex-offenders actually get jobs when they are released?

I refer to the article “Some job curbs on ex-offenders to protect public interest: MHA” (Straits Times, Jun 16). The article quoted Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) director of media relations Sunny Lee saying, that “Different government agencies impose restrictions on ex-offenders for some jobs “to protect the interests of the public”. In a letter to The Straits Times Forum, …

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More about buying condos in Bangkok

by Property Soul I received some questions from you after posting my latest podcast “Buying Condos in Bangkok” on my youtube channel. Let me try to address them in this blog post so other followers can read them too. How could people buy without doing their homework? I am not against anyone buying condos in Bangkok. If you love the city, like the …

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Making Singapore a Peace Centre

by Ho Juan Thai The Trump-Kim summit has successfully concluded and I hope it is now clear that Singapore should promote itself as a peace centre, encouraging peace and peace settlements among conflicting parties within or among nations. By doing this it will bring peace and relief to the suffering of many innocent people living in conflict zones and benefit …

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Singapore’s majority PAP Government makes it easy to push through decisions

I read the report on what Minister Heng Sweet Keat said to the Singaporean mainstream media after the conclusion of a 6 day trip to Japan with bemusement. In that interview, he stated that Singapore’s “single-layer system of government means it can be more decisive about testbedding new technology than most other countries”  Obviously, this was said in the spirit …

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