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Crack along Adam Road caused by accumulation of water under road base

The cracks which occurred on the road surface along a stretch of Adam Road (towards Queensway) on Friday (1 June) were caused by water which had accumulated at the roadside due to the heavy rain and seeped under the road base. In a press release on Friday, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) stated that the built-up pressure from the water caused the …

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Train delay along EWL on Tuesday evening

Commuters travelling along the East-West Line (EWL) this evening (5 June) were met with delays in the train service. According to commuters’ feedback, the service disruption started at about 6pm. No official information was given by transport operator, SMRT. According to a commuter’s posts on TATA SMRT Facebook group, the delay was caused by a platform screen door fault at …

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HDB become 0, land value and CPF used also become 0?

What happens when your HDB flat becomes worthless at the end of its lease – your CPF used will vanish too? I refer to the article “The Big Read: No easy answers to HDB lease decay issue, but public mindset has to change first” (Channel NewsAsia, Jun 5). It states that “The People’s Action Party (PAP) Government has long held up …

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Grace Fu: Doing well, doing good and doing right

Making her keynote address at the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) conference 2018 on Tuesday morning (5 June), Ms Grace Fu, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth said people must be relentless, tenacious, and never give up, in order “to do well, do good and do right.” Ms Fu was speaking at the 4-day annual conference organised by AVPN that is attended …

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OCBC clarifies that OHR is not pegged to 12 year sibor average

OCBC ohr

OCBC Home loans – One of the best home loans out there in the market place. OCBC OHR stands for OCBC Home Rate. There are some misconceptions that OCBC OHR is based on the 12-year Sibor Average when it was first launched. Part of the misunderstanding could be due to the extensive description of how how OCBC derived the OHR …

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Can the 4G leaders please speak in plain English?

Putting the statistics to the rhetoric of politicians makes interesting reading! I refer to the article “Ministers, please speak plainly to the people” (Sunday Times, Jun 3). It states that “But there is also a place for leaders to use the language of ordinary people when they talk to each other about their problems and hopes. How to do this? …

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Has the Prime Minister caught the Chan Chun Sing bug?

by Augustine Low Many of us know by now that Chan Chun Sing is master of the overkill and king of motherhood statements. This recent one deserves to go down as a classic: “Rather than just placing today’s unemployed into today’s jobs, we need to do better by placing today’s unemployed into tomorrow’s jobs. Ultimately, the greatest achievement is to …

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Senior Civil Servant says that PAP has been telling people the ‘hard truth’ for 60 years – is he out of touch?

After Straits Times Editor-at-large Han Fook Kwang published his opinion piece urging the 4G Ministers to speak plainly to the people, Press Secretary to the Minister for Finance, Lim Yuin Chien responded in a letter to the Straits Times Forum.  Mr. Lim said that speaking plainly does not only “mean using simple language that people understand [but] it also means telling people …

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