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    Crowdfunding is changing the world for the better
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    by ValuePenguin The emergence of charitable crowdfunding has already produced impressive results for charities around the world. In this article, we explore what makes these platforms so effective and how you can use them to make a positive impact. Evidence indicates that donating to charity can Read More

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    Alliance formed to help Singaporeans avoid “eating up” our planet
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    by Tan Yihan Four local non-profits are joining forces to ensure one of Singaporeans’ favourite pastimes – eating out – does not come at the expense of our planet and future generations. The joint initiative, “Makan SG”, was introduced on Sunday (June 3) Read More

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    PM Lee touts the success of his policies in making SG best country for kids to grow up in
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    Earlier, it was reported by international NGO, Save the Children, ranked Singapore together with Slovenia, as the world’s best countries for children to grow up. Singapore was ranked 33rd the year before. Yesterday (Jun 3), a happy PM Lee responded on his Facebook Read More

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    Malaysian newspaper: Lee Hsien Loong is “easy meat” for Mahathir when cancelling the HSR
    By Thomas Loh Published on by Thomas Loh 0

    In a news article, “How Singapore Secretly Helped Najib Razak During The Peak of The 1MDB Scandal ? – Lee Hsien Loong Didn’t Anticipate Mahathir To Unseat Najib” last Thursday (31 May), Malaysian newspaper The Coverage alleged that the High Speed Rail (HSR) was a Read More

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    ElderShield surplus may only run out in 40 years?
    By Leong Sze Hian Published on by Leong Sze Hian 0

    Why are the accumulated surpluses of ElderShield not public information? I refer to the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) reply “ElderShield premiums collected meant to support future claims” (Straits Times Forum, Jun 4) to Mr Cheng Choon Fei’s letter (Current ElderShield insurers should return surplus premiums to MOH, May 31). Read More

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    Name of prominent Hong Kong journalist used to publish “fake news” criticising Mahathir and praising Lee Hsien Loong
    By Kwok Fangjie Published on by Kwok Fangjie 0

    In a Facebook post two weeks ago (26 May), Prominent Hong Kong journalist Susanna Cheung has alleged that someone has made use of her name to publish “fake news”. She added that she would report the matter to the Police once she is in Singapore: Read More

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    Eldershield policy holder denied payout by insurer despite being certified blind by medical assessor
    By Terry Xu Published on by Terry Xu 0

    Following much fanfare about how the new CareShield Life – a plan to replace ElderShield – will stand to benefit Singaporeans in offering higher payout in claims and a lifetime payout, Mr Teo, a member of public shared his claim experience with The Read More

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    Minor train delay along NSL on Monday morning
    By Martha Soezean Published on by Martha Soezean 0

    There was a train delay occurred this morning (4 Jun) on the North-South Line (NSL) along the Southbound line. No official announcement given by SMRT but post from a commuter said it was due to a track fault. On TATA SMRT Facebook passengers Read More

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