Lee Hsien Loong draws flak for invoking his father’s name twice at appreciation dinner

At the appreciation dinner for Dr. Yacob Ibrahim, Mr. Lim Swee Say and Mr. Lim Hng Kiang (30 May), Prime Minister lee Hsien Loong had made mention of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew twice in his speech. This is even though Mr. Lee Kuan Yew had passed away more than 3 years ago in 2015.

The first instance the late Mr. Lee’s name was mentioned was on the principle of succession.

“Mr Lee Kuan Yew often talked about succession. Once, at a National Day Rally, he recounted how three of his Old Guard Ministers were hospitalised all at the same time in 1983. Hon Sui Sen eventually did not make it, he passed away. Dr Goh had a remission, and Mr Rajaratnam a reprieve.

So Mr Lee said the amber lights were flashing. This gave him renewed impetus to press on with leadership renewal. Ever since then, political renewal has always been a key priority for the PAP”.

Thereafter, the Premier then proceeded to thank each individual retiring Minister for their contribution.

While thanking Mr. Lim Swee Say, the Prime Minister invoked the late Mr. Lee’s name again when he said that “Mr Lee Kuan Yew once wrote that Swee Say was a “natural” as Secretary-General”. Earlier, the late Mr. Lee had written in his autobiography that not everyone could work with the NTUC and grassroots, and Mr. Lim particularly stood out.

Netizens react strongly to PM Lee’s use of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s name

The use of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s name drew considerable flak from netizens. The following comments were spotted on Facebook:

“At this age, still depending on his father. Obviously, you are spineless n not capable to stand on your own. What have you done for the country since 2004? Other than ruining our lives with your failed policies! Are you man enough (or ah gua) to step down?”-  Cheyenne Cherokee

“Talk cock is easy – just verbal diarrhoea. There is only one credible person among the goons in the party who can take over but just because of colour, is not in the line-up. You’d be surprised – Singaporeans in general are ready to have a capable non-Chinese PM but, surprisingly, it’s the PAP who are not.” – Ronnie Choo

“Counting back the years I don’t seem to see any significant achievements. If he’s in a company as a CEO I think the board will fire him” – Kenneth Chui

“He has nothing else to boost PAP’s legacy. He, himself, has achieved nothing over the years.” – Calvin Goh Wee Tse

“Keep repeating old grandfather n grandmother stories, his brain is empty, no ideas, n full of rubbish” – Pauline Ong

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