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Malaysia govt concerned about huge national debt, while Singapore with eight times the amount has no worries about repaying

Is Singapore’s Debt Per Capita about 8 times higher than Malaysia’s?  I refer to the article “Malaysia’s 1 Trillion Ringgit Government Debt Explained” (Bloomberg, May 24). It states that “Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said this week that the number was higher than previously disclosed under the administration of ousted leader Najib Razak, partly because the state had given guarantees to companies, like …

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Australian PM Turnbull draws flak for $534k salary, while PM Lee says $2.4 million pay “fair and realistic”

The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) ran a story on Sunday (27 May) after a Remuneration Tribunal gave Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull a 2% pay increment. With a new base annual salary of AUD$527,854 (SGD$534,584) a year, the SMH said that Turnbull is the “highest-paid politician in the OECD earning up to 10 times the average wage – the second-highest disparity with …

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A scare tactic of the PAP that has run its course

By Augustine Low Voters who collectively make the wrong choice could end up with a rogue government which comes in to squander the nation’s reserves. This has long been a scare tactic of the People’s Action Party (PAP) government. It was also late Lee Kuan Yew’s rationale for having the Elected Presidency, with expanded powers given to the once-ceremonial president …

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Review of “The Media Enthralled, Singapore Revisited” by Francis T Seow

by Teo Soh Lung The Media Enthralled, published in 1998, is a meticulous documentation of how the free press was subverted and enslaved. Not only was the local press with powerful private ownership brought to its knees, the foreign press too were subjugated. Like other books of the author, I read The Media Enthralled with a dictionary by my side. …

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