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Orchard Rd floods: Once in 50 years after spending $2b?

I refer to the article “Flash flood in Orchard Road, PUB issues high flood risk alerts in central region” (Straits Times, May 26). It states that “A flash flood occurred at Kramat Lane in Orchard Road on Saturday (May 26). Both lanes were affected, water agency PUB said in a tweet at 3.45pm, advising people to avoid the area.” Flash flood at Kramat Lane. …

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Strange that PAP did not utilise TCJ’s popularity for their benefit

by Han Lang Leadership is not a popularity contest. But at a time when the electorate is more educated and has ready access to information which their parents and grandparents did not enjoy in the first 30 years of Singapore’s independence, one cannot help but agree that a well-liked leader would help, to a certain extent, in securing the buy-in …

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The Two Faces of Meritocracy in Singapore

  by Augustine Low  Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam reiterated last Sunday that anyone can succeed in Singapore regardless of background. “Whoever your parents are, whatever your situation is, if you work hard, you can succeed, even (for children of) single parents, it depends on your determination,” he said. To drive home his point, Shanmugam pointed out that …

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What kind of responsibility should the higher authorities take in Singapore?

Ghui The entire saga of Najib’s rise to power and his subsequent demise has one glaringly obvious lesson in leadership – that of accountability or lack thereof. As Mahathir forms his new government, a clear message of greater accountability to the public has been sent out. Whether that will have enduring positive results remains to be seen but the desire …

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