Daily Archives: 2018-05-20

From hard-hitting criticisms to seductive talk?

by Han Lang Less than a year ago, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said the comments made by then-Workers Party chief Low Thia Khiang on the Oxley Rise issue were “not unexpected”, before adding: “This is what is called political sophistry.” According to Collins dictionary, sophistry is the practice of using clever arguments that sound convincing but are in …

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Wong says that older HDB flats still have value while case studies show such owners are increasingly disadvantaged

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday (17 May), Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said that there is still value in older HDB flats which can be unlocked for retirement. The 4G leader acknowledged that there “are people overly anxious about how much their older flats can fetch in the resale market”. His comments come as Singaporeans are increasingly worried that the value of …

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