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Lesson from across the Straits, voters can only be pushed so far

As Malaysia progresses in forming its new government and the region has come to grips with the shock result, local commentators have opined that Barisan Nasional (spearheaded by UMNO) lost the election because its brand had become toxic. Its brand had become toxic because instead of taking steps to punish a flagrantly corrupt politician, his cronies chose to close ranks …

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Yakult Singapore appoints Joseph Schooling as its brand ambassador

Yakult has announced its partnership with Joseph Schooling, Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medallist, as its Brand Ambassador and will be working together with Joseph Schooling to promote a healthy lifestyle in Singapore. The partnership between the Japanese probiotic drink company and Schooling which extends till 2020, will have the two working together to promote the health benefits of probiotics and to inspire …

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A brief look at Malaysia’s removal of GST

by Chris Kuan Malaysia removing Goods & Service Tax (GST). Dr. Mahathir said there are sufficient revenues but we shall see. Removal of GST does not mean the new government won’t increase other taxes or impose new ones. This is politics after all and the comparison to Singapore is interesting. The reason why I mention this is because Malaysia’s fiscal …

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The Chan Chun Sing Puzzles

By Augustine Low  In the aftermath of the toppling of Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional after 60 years in power, the frontrunner to be Singapore’s next Prime Minister has said a number of things which are strange and bewildering. What made Chan Chun Sing come up with these puzzles? Puzzle Number One: Place on record the government’s appreciation for Low Thia Khiang’s …

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Preference for corrupted just because they are friendly to Singapore, is myopic and dangerously selfish

by SIDame After results of the last Malaysian elections revealed that Pakatan Harapan has won, ending Barisan Nasional’s 60 years grip on power in the country, a friend sent me something Calvin Cheng posted on his Facebook Page. Calvin derided Singaporeans who have taken a keen interest in the results. Writing as a reflection of the Malaysian General Election, Cheng wrote that …

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