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LTA: Passenger Load Information System to be piloted along Downtown Line

Land Transport Authority (LTA) has launched the new system that it claims to be able to help channel commuters to less crowded train cars starting on Monday (14 May). The new system, the Passenger Load Information System (PLIS), is being piloted along the Downtown Line. It displays the load levels in each train car through LCD screens at the MRT platforms using three …

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Malaysia’s anti-fake news legislation to be given proper definition instead of being abolished

Malaysia’s newly elected Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad stated in a live telecast on state TV that the anti-fake news law will be given “proper” definition so that the media and public are clear on what is fake. The 92-year-old PM said, “Even though we support freedom of press and freedom of speech, there are limits.” On 26 March, Malaysia tabled the anti-fake news bill in Parliament …

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AGC files application to charge human-rights activist and opposition leader for contempt of court

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) filed an application with the High Court for an order of committal against human rights activist Mr Wham Kwok Han Jolovan and opposition SDP vice-chairman Mr Tan Liang Joo John for contempt of court in connection with the publication of their Facebook post. On his 27 April Facebook post, Mr Wham wrote, “Malaysia’s judges are more independent …

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Minister Chan says that government must embrace diversity even as ex-MP criticises government for being elitist

During a debate on the President’s address on Monday (14 May), Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing said that Singapore’s government will aim to find the best people to lead the country across the areas of political leadership, public service and the business community. He added that after identifying these individuals, they would be moulded into the best team possible. …

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Points to note about Malaysia’s scrapping of its GST

by Ho Weishan Many so call “experts” are so concerned about the abolishment of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in Malaysia and worry about the country fiscal budget. But there are two points that are worth pondering before we accuse Malaysia of impending budget disaster. The first is that the MYR$42 billion collected by the Barisan Nasional government according to their …

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Yaacob: I think Singaporeans more positive about PAP today

In an interview with Channel News Asia on Sunday (13 May), former Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said that the government is trying their “very best” to grow the economy. He also acknowledged that they are aware about concerns over the cost of living and that residents know that the government “is trying [their] very best”. When asked …

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