Malaysians touched and inspired by countryman’s resignation letter, to leave Singapore and contribute back in Malaysia

A resignation letter shared across the social media, is touching the hearts of many Malaysians in the country and around the world through a gesture which can be seen as self-sacrificing for the greater good.

The resignation letter is supposedly written by a Malaysian, Tang Choon Hwee to his manager in a Singapore company that has been operating since 2013.

Tang explains to his superior that he is resigning from the company as he believes that there is much opportunity for him to go back to his country and serve the people there.

He wrote that even if he were to sell chicken rice, he can still pay his tax to the new government. Stating that it was not an easy decision to make and thanked the company for the support that has been given to him.

The resignation letter is shown to be dated 10 May – the day where the Pakatan Harapan was announced to have won the simple majority in the 14th Malaysian General Election to form the new Malaysian government – ousting the incumbent Barisan Nasional from its six-decade rule.

Fellow Malaysians were touched by Tang’s letter and wrote to voice their support and how they are inspired by the story.

Caryn Wong wrote, “Admire your courage and dedication. If the purchasing power increase and currency appreciate, Malaysia will definitely be the ideal place for living. For the 1st time, I felt such a strong bonding between Malaysian. It gave us the sense of belonging which we call HOME.”

Ying Kuan Kam Yes, “Better contribute to our own country.Because it’s very worth it now, since we have a new government.”

Liong Kok Bin wrote, “This coming Monday I am submitting my income tax. Just to ask, can I donate money? I wish to give double the amount to the new government.”

Jason Chan wrote, “This year’s income tax is well worth it”

Lim Jaw Fuei wrote, “This is our second nation building!”

Daniel Ng wrote, “I am currently working in New Zealand, paid 120 ringgit hourly. I decided to let go of everything and return to the country to develop.”

Summer Xia wrote, “Wish that ringgit will chase up to SGD, then there will be no need for Malaysians to come back and forth between Singapore and Johor, no need to be belittled by some Singaporeans.”

Tommy Huang wrote, “Now my kid in Singapore is grown up, I think I also would want to do business back in Malaysia.”

YT Yeo wrote, “Can’t wait for more talents to come back to Malaysia to rebuild the country…”