Malaysia GE14: Dr Mahathir announces coalition won significant majority of seats and will seek to restore rule of law in Malaysia

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad has announced in a press conference at Selangor that his party coalition, Pakatan Harapan (PH) has gained a significant majority in the Malaysia General Election 14.

The chairman of PH said that his party coalition had already achieved simple majority earlier in the night as the party at Sarawak is allied with PH. However, as the party coalition was not allowed to register, it is only at this point of the election that PH achieved a simple majority.

Dr Mahathir also announced that there will be two days of holidays on Thursday and Friday till weekends.

When asked if former PM Najib has conceded the election, Dr Mahathir said that he has not heard from him and that Najib has gone silent.

He also shared that today will be the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister. After the ceremony, the PM may then appoint the DPM and the ministers.

When asked if there will be any issue stemming from the registration of the coalition, Dr Mahatir said that the election commission has already announced that once a party reaches a simple majority of 112 seats, it will form the government.

When asked about Anwar Ibrahim who is currently imprisoned, Dr Mahatir said that he will be released in June. He said that he will work for Anwar’s pardon. Once he is, he is eligible to be a PM again however he would have to stand for election as the PM has to be an elected Member of Parliament.

When asked if anything will be done with Najib, Dr Mahathir said he is not seeking revenge but seeking to restore the rule of law. He added, “but whoever breaks the law need to deal with, including journalists.”