Source: Channel NewsAsia screengrab video.

Lee Hsien Loong looks forward to developing an equally constructive relationship with next Malaysian government

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has published a Facebook post on the results of the 14th Malaysia General Election, saying that Singapore is following the situation closely.

The opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan (PH) had won 113 out of the 222 seats needed to form the federal government in the GE last night, removing the incumbent ruling party – Barisan Nasional – from its six-decade hold of Putrajaya.

While outgoing Prime Minister Najib Razak had conceded defeat, he said that there was no party which won the clear mandate and asked the King of Malaysia Muhammad V to decide on who should be the country’s next Prime Minister.

This is because PH was not a political party by itself but a coalition made up of 4 different parties – the Democratic Action Party, the People’s Justice Party, the National Trust Party, and the Malaysian United Indigenous Party. The biggest winner in this election was the People’s Justice Party which won 104 seats out of 222. Although this was better than the Barisan Nasional coalition showing, it also fell short of the 111 required to form the government.

However, Dr Mahathir, Chairman of PH has explained in this morning’s press conference that the parties have contested using the People’s Justice Party (PKR) which is a legal political party. This afternoon, he said that a new Pakatan Government will be formed today and a new Prime Minister will be known by 5 pm.

PM Lee said in his post, “Many Singaporeans would have followed the news about the Malaysian election yesterday. It is clear that the outcome represents a major change in Malaysian politics. We are now awaiting the formation of a new government.”

He added that Singapore as Malaysia’s closest neighbour, it is following the situation closely as it has a vested interest in Malaysia’s stability and prosperity.

“While Malaysian politics are for Malaysians to decide, Singapore wishes Malaysia all the best in its political development. Singapore has enjoyed good relations and close cooperation with Malaysia for many years, with successive Malaysian leaders.” said PM Lee.

Ending in a positive note, PM Lee said, “We look forward to developing an equally constructive relationship with the next Malaysian government, and to work with it to take our bilateral ties forward and benefit both our peoples.”