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Who hired Russian operatives to reply to academics supporting Dr Thum?

It was reported that an open letter jointly signed by 284 academics around the world, was sent to the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods on Monday (30 Apr) in relation to the conduct of the committee’s hearings which were held in March. The letter had expressed deep concern with regard to the committee’s treatment of Singapore historian, Dr Thum …

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Singapore’s ambassador to US issues rebuttal to article painting Singapore as an authoritarian paradise

Singapore’s ambassador to the United States Ashok Kumar Mirpuri wrote a rebuttal piece on Ms Kirsten Han’s article which paints Singapore as an authoritarian paradise, where critics of the government are squelched and drug traffickers are hanged. Ms Han, a freelance journalist and advocate for the abolition of capital punishment in Singapore, wrote an article on 28 March, titled, “What Trump …

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Oxford historians saga and Operation Coldstore

by Teo Soh Lung The People’s Action Party (PAP) has historically been fond of seeing conspiracies in every word or phrase it dislikes. Its latest allegation that Oxford University historians have conspired to “subvert [our] parliamentary process” is not as exaggerated as what it has claimed against some Singaporeans. (Straits Times 1 May 2018). Singaporeans have been accused of conspiring …

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Keep the memory of Inuka through stuffed toys and T-Shirts

by Raymond Anthony Fernando Public Suggestion to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and the Singapore Government Like many Singaporeans I was deeply saddened to read of how Inuka had to be put down to end its suffering as reported in Zoo workers, guests pay their last respects to Inuka (The New Paper, April 27). Arthritis is extremely painful disease, not just …

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