Daily Archives: 2018-04-25

Purchase of Basslink giving Temasek headache – Tasmanian Govt now demands more than $100m in compensation

In the 60’s, the Tasmanian Government of Australia first examined the possibility of linking Tasmania’s electricity grid with mainland Australia. In the 90s, state entities in Victoria and Tasmania began to undertake investigations for an electricity transmission interconnector to link Tasmania to mainland Australia. In 2000, Tasmanian Government announced the appointment of the National Grid (UK) as the builder, owner …

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Cabinet reshuffle is nothing new but switching of roles in a musical chair

by Willy Sum My take on the cabinet reshuffle announced a little over 2 hours ago which is essentially nothing new but the “switching of roles in a musical chair”! Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is actually scrapping the bottom of the barrel when appointing these office holders as it really does not take much to get the attention of the …

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Changes to the Cabinet and other political appointments

The Prime Minister Office has announced the changes to the Singapore Cabinet and other political appointments. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be promoting three office holders, and appointing four backbenchers to new political appointments. Three Ministers will retire from the Cabinet, but continue as Members of Parliament.  (All changes take effect from 1 May 2018 unless stated otherwise.) Retirement of …

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