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Peterson Institute: Singapore’s currency manipulation derives primarily from its public pension system

“Singapore’s manipulation derives primarily from its public pension system, which collects high payroll taxes from workers and invests them entirely overseas through a sovereign wealth fund to back future pension obligations.” This was noted by Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE; Peterson Institute) in its“Currency Manipulation Update for 2015-17″ (3 April). PIIE is a private and non-profit think tank focused on international economics, based in Washington, …

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SingSaver money mysteries: How can Bitcoin be worth anything?

by Singsaver.com.sg Thinking of joining the Bitcoin bandwagon? Here’s why Bitcoin can be worth money. Many people have talked about the technological wonder that is Bitcoin, but few answer the simplest question: how can a Bitcoin, which is just a string of code, be worth anything? In this Money Mysteries article, we’ll explore the notion of how Bitcoin is theoretically worth …

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Top ways to save while child-proofing your car

by ValuePenguin Having a car in Singapore is expensive. Having a family in Singapore is expensive as well. When you combine the two, budgeting can be a nightmare. While there are ways to keep your budget in check while providing for your family, there are some things that you should not skimp on. One of these things is ensuring your car …

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Five factor for expats to consider before applying for a credit card in Singapore

by ValuePenguin In 2017, almost 30% of the population in Singapore were expatriates. Given that Singapore is a developed economy with a English-fluent and well-educated workforce, it’s not surprising that foreigners curious about Asia and SE Asia have decided to venture out to this country. While most parts of moving to Singapore (like finding a job or a place to live) …

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SMRT’s chief operations officer for rail arrested for drink driving

It has been reported by Straits Times that SMRT’s chief operations officer for rail Alvin Kek was arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint on Saturday morning The police said to ST that a 50-year-old man was arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint at about 5am on Saturday, without giving further details. When queried by media, SMRT’s vice-president for …

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