Report to FAS notes turning off of flood lights at instruction of MP, Lee Bee Wah says it is untrue.

Member of Parliament for Nee Soon South Lee Bee Wah has denied that she instructed the lights to be turned off for the match which took place on Tuesday, 10 April.

Er Dr Lee wrote on her Facebook page saying that the said allegation in the TOC article is not true. She also said that she does not even run ActiveSG or the Stadium.

She wrote that she did her checks and Warriors FC had posted on Tuesday on this matter. She also noted that she has requested ActiveSG to check on this matter.

“Despite the Warriors FC post, TOC went ahead to post a falsehood. Unfortunately, this is the danger of online falsehoods now.” wrote Er Dr Lee.

Although Warriors FC posted on its Facebook page that the match was suspended due to floodlight failure, Warriors general manager Paul Poh clarified in a comment on TOC that the lights were turned off automatically at 9pm.

He pointed out that there was no MP at the stadium who gave the instruction to turn off the lights and sum it up as a technical error from SportsSG to have accepted the match bookings till 10pm.

Mr Poh also wrote that it was a mistake for FAS to schedule a match at this stadium since it has been a while that the lights are turned off automatically at 9pm.

He wrote that though the stadium can operate till 10pm but not all lights are fully turned on except for competitive matches or training usage. His team accepted the fact that consideration of the surrounding neighborhood concerns is as much important to their game.

TOC understands that the Yishun stadium centre manager had informed the match commissioner of the Tuesday match that there were instructions by the Member of Parliament that the lights are to be turned off at 9pm. This was reflected in the report filed by the match commissioner to the Football Association of Singapore.

In TOC’s email to Er Dr Lee, we asked the following questions:

We have been told by residents of Estuary that you are assisting them with regard to the Yishun Stadium lights.
How are you helping them on the matter?
And is it also true that you have asked for the lights of the Yishun Stadium to be turned off at 9pm?

There has been no reply from the MP on our queries.

At this point, more questions need to be answered in regards to the matter:

  1. Did residents at the Estuary complain about the bright lights from the stadium?
  2. What was the MP’s response to the complaints?
  3. Has the MP been in touch with the center manager of the Yishun Stadium about the issue of the lights?
  4. Why did the centre manager inform the match commissioner for the match that the MP had instructed that the lights had to be turned off?
  5. Since the stadium operating hours are till 10pm. Who gave the instruction to have the lights turned off automatically at 9pm?