Bishan MRT Station - Exit A / Photo: Wikipedia

2nd train delay on Wednesday evening along Circle Line

Following the train service disruption along the North East Line (NEL) that lasted for around two hours on Wednesday morning, another train delay occurred in the evening (11 Apr) along the Circle Line (CCL). This makes the third instance of train delays across the train system this week .

Commuter, Jimmy Tong asked at 6:54pm if there were any train delay on CCL for there was no train at Bishan while the station was very crowded:

While another commuter, Venugopalan Raghavan tweeted that it was a train fault on CCL:

Another commuter asked for information on TATA SMRT Facebook about the delay on CCL:

James Teng: there is a delay in departure on circle line. anyone know why?

At 10:53pm, Lu Yawen wrote that he was stuck on the Circle Line at Buona Vista for 15 minutes:

At Hardwarezone forum, forum user, Franz opened a thread at 10.23pm, entitled “Circle Line down? Stuck at Harbour Front for 15 mins already”, noting that the train had not moved.

Another forum user, mistersoh commented,”Experienced a 5 minutes door don’t want close, train don’t want move at Bouna Vista too. 6+pm.”

There was no official information from SMRT despite the requirement from Land Transport Authority that train operators must informed commuters of any delay exceeding 10 minutes through mainstream and social media.