Source: The Local Society Facebook video screengrab.

Police investigating case of physical abuse involving a 5-yr old child

The Police has earlier confirmed that it is investigating a case involving a man who abused a 5-year-old child , Dex, at Sunshine Childhood Playland at NorthPoint City.

The video was shared by the boy’s mother on her Facebook page but was subsequently taken down as she did not want to implicate the play center.

In the video, Dex was seen to be squating behind the man. When he got close to the man, he was hit by a plastic shovel on the man’s hand.

The man then threw a kick towards Dex’s stomach and threw the plastic toy on his hand towards a slide.

Dex then threw a small punch towards the man’s hand then move away.

A moment later, Dex moved closer to the man and leaned on the man’s back. However, the man pushed him away and Dex threw a punch towards the man. The man then threw away a plastic toy that his son was playing with.

Dex then threw a punch just when his mother walked into the area.

She told Channel News Asia that Dex, who is in kindergarten, is an autistic child. However, she stressed that he was taught how to behave ‘the social norm’ way in public and that Dex has never hurt anybody.

She stated that Dex retaliated because of the way the man treated him.

Ms Ow also said that she confronted the man when she heard the commotion, saying, “(I told him that) he didn’t have to treat a five-year-old like that.

The man alleged that Dex had pushed his son, responding in Mandarin: “(Do you) want to wait until your child knocks into my child, then say sorry?”

Ms Ow said that Dex suffered injuries to his stomach and groin.

In another Facebook post on Monday, Ms Ow wrote that she has lodged a police report.

She stated that they are just so shocked and sad after watching CCTV footage, adding that, however, she shared some responsibility for what happened as she did not supervise her son for 90 seconds.

However, she noted that she would remove the cctv footage as it is causing unnecessary inconvenience to the playground owner, who provided them the footage to assist them in making Police report.

“They are not involved in this incident,” she stressed.