PAP’s dismal policy failures create Singapore’s ‘Graduate Poor’

by Lim Tean

I have long inveighed against the People’s Action Party’s lack of ideas on how to grow the economy. I have never believed that the economy has actually grown in real terms for a good number years.

It is not difficult for an increasingly meaningless statistic such as the Gross Domestic Product to grow when the cost of living increases and population headcount keeps growing.

The article, “Survey findings on underemployment show S’pore’s ‘graduate poor’ earn less than $2,000 a month” shows how dismal the market for graduates have become under the PAP. And contrary to what a PAP MP, Mr Zapari is saying, it is not a black swan event. He must be living on another planet! For years I have encountered in my walkabouts graduates with outstanding degrees who could not find employment or took an inordinate length of time before they found one, often unsatisfactory work.

This issue also highlights the lack of innovation in our economy, contrary to PAP spin. And yet PAP Ministers spend their energy and time on legislation clamping down on Civil Liberties such as freedom of speech in order to strengthen their hold on power. Never believe those who claim that civil liberties such as freedom of speech is unimportant for Singapore and that Singaporeans only desire a better standard of living. These are false contentions and lies!

There is a direct correlation between innovation and freedom of expression. Their founder Lee Kwan Yew once told three Harvard academics that China would never be as innovative as America because in China there was no freedom of expression. So my fellow Singaporeans, if we desire a better life, we have better start paying attention to values such as freedom of expression and push back against those who want to legislate against so called fake news, which is just a disguise for clamping down on freedom of expression. These politicians are leading our country to ruin!

All Singaporeans, including parents who care for the future of their Children in this land of ours, should make this issue one of priority!

This post was first published on Mr Lim’s Facebook page and edited to insert links.