Jack Sim: Change of government from PAP will create a period of jobs risks

Jack Sim, businessman and founder of World Toilet Organization (WTO), wrote in a Facebook post on architect Tay Kheng Soon’s Facebook page, “So painful to see govt & people giving up on each other. We need to replace Arrogance & Cynicism with Dialogue & Trust.”

In one of the comment threads within the post, Mr Sim wrote:

“Singapore has essentially only one product that is unique in the world: Trust and Stability. This comes from safety, rule of law, long term planning due to the 1 party system, and a Hub of all Hubs meaning bundling of software and hardware.

If People’s Action Party lost, Worker’s Party will take many years to learn the rope. Meanwhile, the civil service will still function well but the investment climate will change and confidence will suffer. This will create a period of jobs risks. How long and whether we can transit from PAP to WP is a big unknown.

IF it was a coalition of several opposition parties, then we will be in big trouble because the horse trading between these weak parties will involve egos fights. We can safely say a coalition government would be the beginning of the end of Singapore.

The best solution is to find a way to make PAP realise they can work with the public without political threat.

We can convert complaints to problem identifications. Clear problem identification is half the problem solved. Then we work as a whole of nation cohesively to build a strong Singapore.

If Shanmugam continues his scare tactics he can’t create trust between people and government.

The politicians are also confused with the civil service in the public eyes. We need to allow the civil service to innovate with the public in order to create ownership. But public ideas need to be sieved for in-depth quality and not merely shouting.

We need to gather the Nation Builders into constructive dialogue.

We must not seek to destroy each other. We need to find new ways to come together.”