Tampines GreenFoliage (Source: HDB).

Are HDB flats being used as a political tool for votes?

I refer to the article “HDB chief suggests buyers should pay less for resale flats with shorter leases” (Yahoo News, Apr 11).

The article quotes Dr Cheong Koon Hean, chief executive of the Housing & Development Board (HDB) saying, “And you must remember that actually their children will go on to buy an affordable flat from me. Correct? Now how do you make sure they can buy back an affordable flat from me? Eventually you have to recycle the land. You understand? So, I am trying to paint that broader picture.”

Arguably, how can our children “buy back an affordable flat from me (HDB?)”, when the land component of new BTO flats are charged at market rates now, and into the future?

Singaporeans used to be told in our earlier electoral history that if you vote otherwise – your flats will not be upgraded.

And also HDB as an “asset enhancement policy” was touted.

Now, of late – we seem to be bombarded with the veiled threat that your flats will decline in value to zero as they approach the end of the 99-year lease. Is it not in a sense – hinting that if you vote otherwise – your flats may not be given priority for “en-bloc” under SERS!