Photo: Kamal Mohd's post on TATA SMRT

Track fault along EWL on Monday morning

Commuters along the East-West Line experienced disruptions in their rides this Monday morning (9 Apr) due to a track fault which occurred for about three hours from around 7am to 10:18am.

The delay was first tweeted at 7:11am by L Yang who complained on the 5 minuter train intervals and packed trains:

Other passengers also tweeted information and complain on the delay:


At 7:36am Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT) tweeted an official announcement stating track fault and asked for 15 minutes additional travel time:

At 7:54am and 8:23am SMRT tweeted again about the track fault, each time asking for 20min more additional travel time:

And at 8:43am and 8:57am it tweeted again, each time asking for 25m additional travel time:

Then at 9:32am SMRT continued to ask for 20min of additional travel time:

At 9:55am its tweet asked commuters to add again 10 minutes travel time:

Finally, at 10:18am SMRT tweeted that the fault has been cleared, train service on the EWL has resumed normally:

Some passengers questioned the usefulness of shortened operational hours on weekends given that faults are still happening: