SIFA 2018 unveils the full line-up for its film programme – Singular Screens

Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018 (SIFA 2018) unveils the international line-up of 13 exceptional new films in the programme Singular Screens one Asian premiere and 12 Singapore premieres.

Curated by Asian Film Archive,  SIFA 2018 invites film and arts lovers to embark on cinematic adventures that celebrate independent voices across the world and power of the individual.

“This collaboration with Asian Film Archives is a key interdisciplinary partnership which we hope will offer our audiences a richer and deeper appreciation of the performing arts,” said  SIFA Festival Director, Gaurav Kripalani. “We welcome such industry partnerships to  strengthen the arts ecosystem. We are glad that the SIFA platform may be leveraged by different performing genres to showcase their works in the years to come.”
Opening Singular Screens on 28 April is A Man of Integrity (Lerd) by Iranian film director Mohammad Rasoulof who is known for his socially and politically engaged works. As a scathing critique on the inherent corruption in contemporary Iranian society, the film tells the story about a man who lives in a simple life tending to his goldfish farm in northern Iran, but is threatened by the growing power of corruption. Banned in Iran, it won the 2017 Un Certain Regard prize at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Best Director (International)  and Best Actor (International) at the 54th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.
A Man of Integrity (Lerd) leads a line-up of films that seeks to respond to the general  sentiment of the Festival programming with ideas revolving around the notionof resistance and the experience of the individual. The filmmakers, whose works will be featured in Singular Screens, translated their singular visions onto the silver screens in their own  inimitable ways, often employing innovative and unusual cinematic, film and photographic techniques.
Asian premiere, Madeline’s Madeline is directed by Josephine Decker, the American indie queen of improvisation, and stars Cannes-award winning filmmaker and actress, Miranda July, who has been described as leading talent of the U.S. avant-garde. Raw, unleashed emotions are presented in this psychodrama as Decker probes the ambiguity between mental illness and teenage rebelliousness, as the teenage Madeline becomes an integral part of a prestigious, progressive and experimental theatre troupe in the city. Dizzy camera movements, out-of-focus shots, run-on editing and non-diegetic sound make this production
as much about the filmmaking process as the storyline about Madeline, a vulnerable, mentally unstable teenager, and the ambitious theatre director she works with.