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Income Tax in Singapore – Ultimate Guide to ace it

Income Tax

As we enter the month of April, it is income tax season, the rush to file for taxes is steadily building up. For those of you who haven’t submitted your tax declarations, now is a good time to take 45 minutes of your time to submit your taxes. While Singapore already has one of the lowest income tax in the …

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Are Singaporeans overpaying for their mobile plans?

by ValuePenguin Whenever we have free time, we find no higher pleasure than being on our mobile phones and using data intensive apps. In fact, according to a Circles.Life survey conducted in 2017, half of the survey respondents in Singapore mentioned that they can last only one day without consuming data. Also, one in two respondents in the same survey mentioned that they …

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Former AG criticises Govt for not prosecuting Keppel management in 1995 bribery case

Former Attorney-General Walter Woon wrote an article, which was published in ST today (‘Punishing corporate corruption’, 30 Apr), criticising the government for not prosecuting the Keppel management involved in the 1995 bribery case. In June 1995, Keppel was cited in a UK probe into a bribery scandal involving an Exxon subsidiary’s employee. The person, Cornelius Van der Horst, who handled …

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The cheapest and most expensive areas to live in Singapore

by ValuePenguin Singapore is recognized as an exceptionally expensive city, especially when it comes to price of cars and properties. Below, we compare the cost of renting and buying HDBs across different areas on the island to help renters and homebuyers conceptualise real estate prices across Singapore. Additionally, we analyse trends in the rental and resale markets and discuss what they mean for …

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Four ways you are using your credit card points wrong

by ValuePenguin What drives customers to credit cards? A 2017 JD Powers survey reports that 50% of respondents suggested that the primary reason they acquired their card is for cashback while another 37% based their decision on rewards programme. But if we’re all signing up for credit cards to maximize our points, rebates and miles, are we all following up on that? Or …

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What are trees without leaves and branches?

by Constance Singam What are trees without leaves? What are trees without its branches? Two days ago the trees in my neighbourhood looked like this. After they have been attacked by chainsaws they look like this. I don’t know what idiot sitting in the town council office gave the orders to trim the trees. Like so many things happening now the …

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