Daily Archives: 2018-03-29

FB Viral video, “Mercedes hits multiple pedestrians” taken in Dec 2017

A viral Facebook video that was uploaded by user, KP Lau shows a few individuals lying motionless on the road while members of public frantically moved close to them, trying to do something to help them. The video that has been shared over two thousand times on Facebook also shows another group of individuals confronting the driver of the Mercedes Benz …

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Dr Toh Chin Chye did not ask Govt to enact new laws to tackle “fake news”

Early in Jan this year, Parliament set up the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods to examine matters with regard to “fake news”. Among the various matters, the committee is supposed to propose any specific measures, including legislation, that should be taken to tackle “fake news”, especially those that come from online sources. “Fake news” have been around even before …

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SMRT aims to have no more than one delay per month by 2020

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) held an annual review on Wednesday (28 March), saying that the corporation is aiming for no more than one delay per month by 2020, at least three times better than its performance today, describing this as a bold target, which only a handful of the world’s metros can match. Chief executive Desmond Kuek stated that the …

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