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Train delay along NSL and EWL on Friday late afternoon

There were train disruption along the North South Line (NSL) and East West Line (EWL) at Raffles Place and Clementi this late afternoon (23 Mar); no official information was given by the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT). At 5:44pm John Ho tweeted that there were very long queues at Raffles Place. The reason was not very clear but Ho wrote …

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Four factors to consider when choosing a crowdfunding platform

by ValuePenguin Crowdfunding is an intriguing opportunity for individual investors. If you are interested in this type of investment, it is helpful to research the various platforms in order to make a good choice. For the most part, you should be considering the same criteria that you would for any investment opportunity, including costs, returns and potential risks. In this article, …

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Why do we keep changing the transport fares formula to the detriment of commuters?

I refer to the article “Public transport fare formula to take into account network expansion and usage” (Straits Times, Mar 22). It states that “The Public Transport Council (PTC), which announced this on Thursday (March 22), said that the network capacity factor (NCF) will give equal weighting to additional capacity put into both the bus and train networks.” As to “The NCF compares …

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Tech giants grilled by Select Committee on their efforts to combat deliberate online falsehood

Parliamentary Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods scrutinised social media giants by representatives of technology companies Twitter, Google, the Asia Internet Coalition, and Facebook over their effectiveness in acting on false or harmful content and the dangers the falsehoods presented for over more than six hours on Thursday on Thursday (22 March). Twitter’s representative, Director of Public Policy and Philanthropy …

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Tat Seng Packaging convicted of illegal discharge into public sewer

National water agency PUB has announced on Monday (19 March) that printing company Tat Seng Packaging Group Ltd was fined $12,000 for multiple offences of illegally discharging toxic industrial used water into the public sewerage system. The agency added that seventeen other companies were also fined a total of $100,500 from November 2017 to February 2018 for illegal discharge offences. …

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