Bukit Panjang Platform / Photo: Wikipedia

Train service disruption along DTL on Friday morning

The Down Town Line (DTL) experienced a short service delay this Friday morning (16 Mar), with an explanation from the transport operator, SBS Transit only after the disruption to service was over.

Commuters posted information on the disruption on TATA SMRT Facebook:

Ah Yen posted at 8 am:

Stuck at Botanical Gardens. DTL not moving.

John Robert Lee shared MRT Singapore Service Information’s photo :

Consider other transport or other lines if you currently get stuck on the Downtown Line, like right now. The delays is caused due to unknown reasons.

Vincent Ang 

we have to leave men behind at each station

Karen Cai Yanqin commented on Ah Yen’s post that the train at Newton station was not moving too while Samuel Ang commented that Beauty World was also affected.

Alicia Lee commented, also on Ah Yen’s post, that 2 trains not moving at Bukit Panjang. Alicia added announcement at Bukit Panjang informed a train fault, the train will be delayed for a while.

At 8:47am Amos Ng commented on John Robert Lee’s post that SBS Transit informed due to an earlier train fault at Beauty World, train service was delayed by about 15mins towards Expo. Normal service has now resumed.

At 8:23am SBS Transit posted a tweet informing a train fault as mentioned by Amos Ng:

But Mymuseandi questioned SBS Transit why the update wasn’t reported earlier because it was useless to passengers in the train:

James also posted a video and complain on the DTL delay on Twitter: