Sponsored post to advertise govt job portal met with criticism from citizens with their personal experience

The Singapore Government has created a job portal,“mycareersfuture.sg” for citizens who are looking for opportunities, saying that it is a newer, smarter way to find the next job opportunity.

Workforce Singapore – WSB Facebook page shared the link to job portal via a sponsored post. But instead of getting comments from citizens that they are glad that the government is coming up with such an initiative to help them, many commented that such a job portal is not much of a use from their personal experience. They further lament the fact that more foreign talents are working in the country while citizens are desperate to get proper jobs.

David Takahasi wrote, “This Job Portal is useless. Kimberly Clarke hired a Pinoy for $8,000 a month job for social media analytics. Signed the contract with him, then posted the position on the job portal before applying for his work pass. They had no intention of hiring a local. It was just for show so that they could apply the work pass for the Pinoy. I applied on the job portal for more than 2 to 3 years and did not get a single interview, much less a job. Might as well throw your resume into the river, probably get more jobs that way!”

Gakki Kutsu wrote, “It’s sad and true that too many foreigners working in jobs that Singaporean can easily do. And talking from personal experience, previously working as contract staff in gov’t related agency. You’ll be very surprised and shocked to even find many foreigners working in gov’t related agencies doing clerical jobs.”

Onjin San wrote, “Do you know who are the HRs working in government jobs and you will understand you will never be call up for the jobs unless it belongs to their own kind.”

Steven Chan wrote, “I resign from engineering, not retrenched and went NUS to study IT. Graduated last August. Looking for junior role but also no response. Same company offer to PRC student from my course, who had no IT background.”

Ranjini Kanth wrote, “Workforce ( MAXIMUS) have not found me a job and I am unemployed for a long time. I am penniless, stressed and don’t know what to do! I am an experience sales manager but every job I applied they looking for Mandarin speaking bilingual person. I have first hand experience working in HongKong and Shanghai and was the top sales there and never have an language barrier speaking English. I kept telling the consultant I am not a IT sales person and he kept sending me emails for IT jobs only . I really don’t know what they are doing at MAXIMUS! They wasted a lot of my time and expiry I put through their trainings and one on one sessions with me. Bs after Bs but no action or result. I really need help both for work and financial.”

Rahim Salim wrote, “Always remember Singaporean first but as per normal say different then do differently. 10 jobs. 7 goes to foreign talent and the rest for Singaporean. So whose fault? No need to explain. Being bullied.”

Esther Lim wrote, “Pointless. End of the day, age discrimination. Here, population 60% immigrants with 40% local Singaporeans.”

Tony Chin wrote, “Many jobs but Singaporeans not easy to secure a job even after re-skill. Certificate is important, but the opportunity not given to us. Employers still like to look for experienced employee (no chance for career switch Singaporeans) or FT without experience, as they are willing to train them using locals. Age places an important role, if you are over 40s, it will be even harder to secure an interview, even if you lower your expectations n willing to work shifts or under a younger supervisor or FT. Life is hard but we have get tougher, do the best once you get the job.”

Viki Wong wrote, “I am a Singaporean. Been interviewed in many jobs but not up to available n no signs of calls. Went for second interview also no news. All the openings are from the jobs street and online openings. Out of jobs for many months.”

Wilson Koh wrote, “All these job portals are just scam. It’s just to make it look like there’re many openings available for locals but you will almost never get any reply. Yet the same position from the Company will keep on posting for months and years. Have a look at Job Street. Same company, same position advertising monthly for years. You can see how many people applied, their nationality, their education level, their current pay and expected salary. Yet, this position will always be open and never closed. Wake up people!”

Issey Issey Issey wrote, ‘I sent to government jobs, full time even contract,also rejected everywhere. Some even no response at all. But my ordinary classmate just fresh graduate from TP become lecturer already. I believe in some paper and some exp no respond at all. The other classmate with someone else not pursuing outrage of modesty case also lecturer in ITE.”

Zurado Raphael wrote, “Sent out “a whole lorry” application out at job bank but totally sink into the sea. No response at all. Proven that all HR and boss is see face one. If you got no good face then you still may have a small chance if your salary request is super low. Is a fact in Singapore.”

Cheong Constance wrote, “Got use meh! Went to this government centre to look for job. After been called and direct you to a counter, the butt haven’t even touched the seat – first thing the staff told me – economy very bad! Economy very bad means no job match? Haven’t even try already pour ice cool water over your head till toes.”

Lee Sueh Yuan wrote, “I guess they are not seeing the problems and the real issues. It is like we are short of water and they simply give you the basket and pail – so go and find the water yourself and at least they felt they have done something for you. I am not sure if they have any statistics to show how successful the portal are in finding jobs for Singaporean and the elderly in 40s or 50s?”

Michael Chan wrote, ‘Nobody call one! They don’t even bother to respond with a rejection email. Makes me think applications from there goes straight to trash folder.”

Frangie Sim wrote, “No point having all this when our floodgates are still wide open for foreign talents to come in and steal our lunch.”

Herman Raudah wrote, “What smarter way? Applied the qualified jobs still got all rejected without even an interview. Go out on the job portal also the same. The best part is having to compete with those who are working and 1/4 of these people with jobs are FTs. Please la let those unemployed get a job when you already have one. Others also need to survive. It’s already hard to get a job nowadays.”

McGyver Lts wrote, “How government ensure companies here do not abuse the system and finding loopholes. Many companies pretend put up job on the portal, qualified Singaporeans apply for the job. Company just randomly call one or two candidates for interview in 2 weeks time. After 2 weeks said still cannot find suitable candidate then proceed to hire foreign talents or PR. Does the government going through every details one by one to ensure companies have done their due diligence to hire Singaporeans first? Government should ask company to furnish full report why they need hire PR or foreign talents. For example how Singaporeans they have called for interview based on resume submitted to the portal, list down reason each candidate why they are not suitable and lastly detailing out why this PR or foreign talents candidate outshine those Singaporeans candidate they interviewed.”

Dave Ang wrote, “Tried JB. Doesn’t make difference to locals. Feedback to MP also like that. Fact is most companies employed foreign talents in many functional roles esp HR and Management, whom do they favor in recruitment? Go check out all the Call Centres and Recruitment agencies.”

Stephanie Wong wrote, “My friend with Engineer degree and more than 20 years working experience, send in countless application to Government jobs, Zero response. Sad.”

Lara Terpinggir wrote, “Yes true my daughter also hard to find job. Go many interview and for call. And not even once call back.”

Eva Aisyah wrote, “Workforce Singapore is not sincere in hiring Singaporean. No one call for my application. So sad.”

Syed Ali wrote, “You guys in WSG/ E2i are wasting our tax payers money with no value add to date. If we have a formal feedback system for MOM, it’s very likely that these 2 organisation will be rated very badly. My usual criticism and good luck to our ” Made In Singapore” Job hunters.”