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    Train delay along EWL on Tuesday late afternoon
    By Martha Soezean Published on by Martha Soezean 0

    There were train disruptions along East West Line (EWL) again on Tuesday late afternoon (13 Mar) around 6pm, without official information from the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT). Yong Jian Rong informed on Tata SMRT Facebook there were delays for train services between Read More

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    Silent majority is not a sponge taking everything in without due consideration
    By The Online Citizen Published on by The Online Citizen 0

    by Micheal Han Politics is a strange game. Still water runs deep. The silent majority is, well, always silent. They surprised us at the last election with close to 70% of the votes to the ruling party. The opposition was in full force Read More

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    Former SMRT employee sentenced four weeks imprisonment for failing to ensure necessary safety measures put in place to prevent fatal collision
    By Neyla Zannia Published on by Neyla Zannia 0

    A former Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) in charge of two SMRT employees who were sent onto the train tracks near Pasir Ris station who were killed due to a train collision on the job in March 2016, was sentenced to four weeks’ jail on Monday Read More

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    MP Png counters Charles Chong’s assertion of “qualified” AHTC’s financials
    By Correspondent Published on by Correspondent 0

    It was earlier reported that Mr Charles Chong, Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament from People’s Action Party (PAP), may have been spreading “incorrect” news on the eve of 2015 GE, in which he eventually won in Punggol East. Chong alleged Read More

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    SPP: Residents need compassion and assistance in times of difficulty
    By The Online Citizen Published on by The Online Citizen 0

    Singapore People’s Party issues a statement in response to news that the State Courts is announcing new measures to help town councils to manage defaulters of Service and Conservancy Charges, asking if the town councils do not negotiate and engage with defaulting residents before taking them Read More

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