Daily Archives: 2018-03-04

Academic wants govt to increase defence spending even more

Writing for ST yesterday (‘Defence spending: A case of too much or not enough?’, 3 Mar 2018), Dr Graham Ong-Webb from the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies attempts to defend the PAP government’s position of increasing defence spending in Singapore. In fact, he asked, “Are we spending enough?” He said, “In some quarters, there is a nascent perception that …

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Jetstar CEO: Increase in Changi Airport fees will definitely see demand shift in traffic volume hurting Singapore

Changi Airport announced on Wednesday (28 Feb) a steep increase in its airport fees. From July 1 this year, passengers departing out of Changi Airport will fork out a new tax of $10.80 per passenger, while transit/transfer passengers will pay $6 for a round-trip ticket. Meanwhile, the airport’s passenger service and security fee (PSSF) will go up by $2.50 to $30.40. Airlines will also …

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