Monthly Archives: March 2018

A*Star to group its different R&D activities into 5 categories

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) has announced that it will be changing the way it organises its research and development (R&D) activities to respond to industry shifts and national needs, and for scientists to have greater clarity on funding and expected research outcomes to take effect from 1 April. The changes are set to affect 18 research institutes managed by …

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Han Hui Hui removed from public gallery on deliberate online falsehoods for holding up papers during hearing

A parliament spokesperson said that Blogger Han Hui Hui was removed from a public hearing on Thursday (29 March) by the Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods. She was asked to leave the room as she held up a stack of paper which displayed the cover of the book “Authoritarian Rule Of Law: Legislation, Discourse And Legitimacy In Singapore” by law academic Jothie …

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Facing up to the ills of a captured State, not the social media  

by Tan Wah Piow   The Singapore’s Straits Times published an editorial titled “Facing up to the ills of social media”. I wonder if this is an example of a “old kettle calling a new pot black”. People in the West are incensed, and feel violated when news broke that the personal information of millions of Facebook users were culled …

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HRW: Select Committee’s actions clearly an effort to discredit critics of Singapore’s repressive policies and practices related to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly

Statement issued by Human Rights Watch, an international human rights non-government organisation, on Select Committee’s message on 27 March “When first contacted by the parliamentary committee, we offered to rearrange our schedule to have the relevant staff member appear in person, but the committee did not respond with a workable date until it was too late to do so. The committee’s …

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FB Viral video, “Mercedes hits multiple pedestrians” taken in Dec 2017

A viral Facebook video that was uploaded by user, KP Lau shows a few individuals lying motionless on the road while members of public frantically moved close to them, trying to do something to help them. The video that has been shared over two thousand times on Facebook also shows another group of individuals confronting the driver of the Mercedes Benz …

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