Is Singapore over-spending in its defence?

by Khan Osman Sulaiman

Of course, we are not talking about doing away with defence spending but whether it is justified or just fear mongering from the government?

For example, if I want to protect my car, in Singapore it is adequate just to buy in-cam digital camera, equipped with an alarm system and tracking device. To pay guards stationed outside the vehicle 24hrs on standby is a bit of an overkill.

But the same cannot be said if I need security for my car in countries where the crime rates are high. Getting a guard to be stationed at the vehicle may justify the spending.

On the basis of the above, my opinion is that we are allocating a bit too much for our defence budget.

Singapore ranks third after Israel and Russia in terms of Global Militarization Index.

Israel and Russia would be able to justify its huge spending budget as both countries are involved with war from time to time.

If we look at South East Asia where Singapore is geographically located, Singapore has the highest military spending.

Despite being in a relatively peaceful region and in close diplomatic ties with our neighbouring countries, why is there a need to allocate such heavy spending on military and outspend all our neighbours?

It worries me that when it comes to healthcare spending, Singapore is nowhere near all other first world OECD countries.

I understand that we should protect ourselves adequately as a sovereign nation. But when basic necessities like healthcare and education is lacking, we need to start questioning our leaders if it is wise to direct such a large amount of money into military spending.

We are heading for doom if the country spends more and more on military than on social uplift programs.

This was first published as a Facebook post by Osman and reproduced with permission