SingPost: We hire M’sians and PRCs as postmen cause locals spurn such jobs – MOM data shows median salary of only $1,540

by Vincent Low

Last week, it was reported that SingPost had dismissed a PRC postman for throwing away mail into rubbish bins.

When confronted by a resident, he admitted throwing the mail away but explained that the reason for his actions is because he was tired and treated unfairly.

He said he had intended to go to a doctor for his hurting ankle but was told to do overtime by his boss. He shared that he was to give out 2,600 letters that day, noting that the Malay staff were not given that many mail.

He also noted that he was paid $120 a day with no overtime pay.

SingPost refutes testimony of PRC postman

On Monday (12 Feb), SingPost replied to the media refuting the testimony given by the PRC postman.

SingPost said that he was responsible for delivering mail to two condominiums with about 2,300 units in total. This is in keeping with the workload and working hours of an average full-time postman.

“Our records indicate that he has not previously raised any concerns about his work environment nor health issues; this is the first time he has mentioned this,” said a SingPost spokesman.

To prevent a repeat of the incident, SingPost said it will be conducting refresher courses for its 1,200 postmen.

Monthly basic median salary for postman only S$1,540

Apparently, the PRC postman was hired by SingPost in 2015.

SingPost said it has faced a manpower crunch due to locals “spurning” the job.

“We have thus turned to hiring from Malaysia and China,” it said.

SingPost also said that it has looked into redesigning jobs to ease the postman’s workload, like deploying three-wheeler delivery vehicles instead of scooters.

According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s Benchmarking Occupational Wages webpage, the monthly basic median salary for a postman is only S$1,540.

Under MOM’s definition, basic salary refers to basic pay before deducting employee CPF contributions and personal income tax. It excludes employer CPF contributions, overtime payments, commissions, allowances, bonus and other lump sum payments and payments-in-kind.

Meaning that if one’s basic salary is $1,540, one only gets $1,232 in cash. Would Singaporeans be keen to take up a profession that offers such a take-home salary?

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