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Train delays experienced along North South Line early on Wednesday morning

A train service disruption happened again this Wednesday morning  (7 Feb) along the North South Line (NSL). Around 6am, twitter user, Chace Foo informed about the train delay at Jurong East on Twitter: Have been waiting on the platform for 10mins for a train heading to Jurong East #smrtI wonder if there is an issue — Chace Foo (@ChaceMao) February …

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Succession issue in Singapore

by Lowinski For a small country like Singapore, we probably boast one of the longest period of apprenticeship before a top dog emerges at the top of the pile. Both Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong served 5 and 14 years respectively as Deputy Prime Minister before they became Prime Minister of Singapore in 1990 and 2004. But looking at …

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DBS FHR-18 Fixed Home Rate to be raised

DBS FHR-18 Package to rise - DBS BANK

It’s official, DBS FHR is up. DBS raised their Fixed Home Rate FHR-18 rom 0.6% to 0.8% on 1st Feb 2018. Fixed Home Rate is pegged to fixed deposit rates that DBS offers to their depositors. FHR-18 stands for Fixed Home Rate pegged to 18-month fixed deposit. Home owners who were on FHR-18 + Spread should have received letters by …

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Liverpool youth set for Padang date

One of the world’s most prominent English clubs – Liverpool FC – have confirmed their participation in the JSSL Professional Academy 7s which will be held at the Padang in April 2018. Liverpool FC will join four other world-renowned clubs sides – Manchester United, Valencia, Fulham and Urawa Reds – for the event which will be held over a weekend …

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Leadership Planning l: A Fake Or Failed PAP Loong-In-The-Tooth Promise   

by Law Kim Hwee Let us keep in mind two truths; one, the leadership of People’s Action Party (PAP) should and must not be conflated with Singapore leadership and two, Singaporeans deserve the leaders and leadership we elect. It was the first generation PAP leaders (not just late Lee Kuan Yew himself alone) who realized the critical importance of early leadership …

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Undeniable fact that Kong Hee was defended by PAP MP Edwin Tong

by Willy Sum I find it amusing and even more entertaining by the day, since K. Shanmugam became our Law and Home Affairs Minister in a Cabinet reshuffle before the last election. The more “rigorously” the Minister has to defend an issue, the fishier it is than meets the eye. He has repeatedly “defended” and sought to “protect” the integrity of …

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HDB launches 4,381 flats for sale in Feb 2018

Housing Development Board (HDB) launched 4,381 flats for sale on Tuesday (6 February) under the February 2018 Build-To-Order (BTO) and Re-Offer of Balance Flats (ROF) exercise, which includes 3,664 BTO units and 717 ROF units across various towns/estates. The board notes that this is the first tranche of 17,000 BTO flats to be launched in 2018. The 3,664 BTO flats on …

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