Daily Archives: 2018-02-01

SIA makes U-turn decision on auto-insurance inclusion

The national carrier, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has backtracked on its decision to automatically charge passengers for travel insurance. The “auto opt-in” feature, said to have been introduced last year in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, raised eyebrows with customers when they realised that they were charged with travel insurance without being clearly notified at the point of booking. In a …

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Here are all the ways budget airlines charge you extra

by Singsaver.com.sg With extra fees on luggage allowance to seat selection and even to print your boarding pass, budget flights may not give you the best value. We love to travel, and we love scrambling for cheap air tickets. But before you click “buy”, ask yourself: is it really possible that your flight costs less than S$50? Sometimes, you’ll find out …

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