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Government Parliamentary Committee’s silence over scrapping of senior travel pass, signifies its agreement with PTC

by Jose Raymond The PAP’s Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Transport has been conspicuously silent on the Public Transport Council’s (PTC) decision to scrap the $40 monthly unlimited travel pass for seniors above the age of 60. The Chairman of the GPC Sitoh Yih Pin needs to state his position over the PTC’s decision to cancel the travel pass for …

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PSB Academy inks partnership for sports science students to win smart with data analytics

PSB Academy (PSB) has inked an exclusive partnership with VX Sport to offer students from its sports science programmes the use of VX Sport software, and train them to harness data analytics for sports coaching and athlete performance management. Both organisations officiated this industry partnership at PSB’s Open House on 20 Jan, at the Academy’s newly opened S$15 million City Campus at Marina …

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Five things millennials are supposedly “destroying” (but really aren’t)

by From diamonds to alcohol to dining out, millennials have been blamed for the decline of many industries. But is there any truth in these accusations? Google the words “millennial” and “destroy”, and see the results. We’ll wait. Are you done? Then, you’ll realise that, every other day, the media feels a need to publish a story about millennials “destroying” …

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Untrue that more than 70 PAP MPs skipped Parliament on 9 Jan

In a post by the States Time Review, “More than 70 PAP MPs skip Parliament on Tuesday“, it is said that “According to a screenshot of a Parliament session on Tuesday (Jan 9), an estimated of more than 70 PAP MPs did not attend Parliament. Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam was the only senior Minister present, and none of the three …

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Busting myths about CPF Grants for buying HDB Flat

CPF Grants - HDB Bishan Branch Office

by Angeline C and Paul Ho CPF grants are designed to make buying HDB flats affordable but before you jump into apply for the grant, it helps to clear common myths on them. And contrary to perception, the CPF grants are not free money, you may end up paying back much more for it later on in the form of …

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Do we need the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act?

by Teo Soh Lung Most people do not pay attention to laws that are passed in our parliament. We trust our government to enact laws only to protect our interest. Lengthy documents containing loads of legal jargon are boring. I too pay little attention to the making of laws. We leave it to our responsible law makers. The recent Criminal …

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