SPF claims allegations against investigation officer of turning away victim in alleged sexual harassment case, unfounded and false

The Singapore Police Force has posted on its Facebook page, stating that allegations put forth by a member of public against the police are unfounded and false.

In a Facebook post published on 25 Jan 2018, Kuroe Kun wrote that her female friend was allegedly molested by Youtuber Eden Ang. In her post, Kuroe Kun also made allegations against an Investigation Officer (IO) from Clementi Police Division.

Kun wrote on her Facebook post, which has been taken down, that her friend tried to report to the police over the alleged sexual harassment but was turned away by the police, blaming her for being harrassed.

“GGWP police sir you’ve failed me and have conclusively just lose some trust. What do you mean it’s her fauly for dressing like that?? My friend can dress however she likes, whatever she likes, and if she’s touched, the fault is on the man.” wrote Kum and goes on to write, “She was cornered, she complied because she was scared. You absolutely do not call that consensual and blame her. How dare you neglect your duty as a police officer. Where are your values, your morals? A girl is asking for help against an identified predator and you blame the victim. No, she isn’t a victim, let me rephrase, she’s a survivor. She’s a strong woman that took the courage to come to you to report. But you turned her away. I am disgusted with you.

She further noted that a female police officer had told her friend to report the matter which her friend did. However, the male investigator said to her, “it’s your fault.

“These 3 words, do you not understand how hurtful it is? Hearing a law enforcement officer say its YOUR Fault?

She also wrote, “Dear police officer (IO), please please PLEASE under the concept of threats and fear. Thank you… I’m disgust with you(Eden and the IO that shamed my friend.”

Following the viral Facebook post of Kun, Youtuber Dee Kosh in a livestream, posted WhatsApp conversations between Ang and the mentioned victim. He also shared the recollection by the victim of how Ang told her to take off her pants before proceeding to improperly touch her.

In response to Kun’s post, SPF states that the allegations made by Kun against the IO are serious and it has looked into it.

“We wish to clarify that the allegations are unfounded and false. The IO carried out his duty professionally when he attended to the female friend. The IO did not make any insensitive remarks, contrary to what has been alleged by Kuroe Kun. Neither did the IO turn Kuroe Kun’s female friend away. Rather, the female friend informed the IO of her own accord that she needed time to consider about lodging a police report.” wrote SPF on its Facebook post.

It further wrote, “Following Kuroe Kun’s online post, the Police have requested Kuroe Kun’s female friend to come forward to lodge a report. However, she has not been forthcoming in her accounts to the Police and has yet to make a police report, despite our continual efforts to reach out to her.”

SPF in its Facebook post, emphasised that it takes a very serious view of all complaints or allegations made against its officers. “Such complaints will be thoroughly investigated and if substantiated, the Police will not hesitate to take action against any errant officer. However, we also cannot condone malicious allegations against the Police. If the allegations are found to be false and made maliciously, appropriate action in accordance with the law will be taken.” wrote the Police and urges members of the public to post information online responsibly and not to speculate or spread unsubstantiated information.

However, as The Online Citizen understands, the police conduct investigation on its own officers and take their account for it. In various instances that TOC has been involved in, the Police found no fault of the police officers despite circumstantial evidence showing otherwise. Also, no officers till date have been officially found guilty of any wrong doing by the Internal Affairs Office, at least from the knowledge of the complainants.

In such disputes of account, it would be fair for the police to release video footage to give an impartial account of what transpired instead of the Police having a final say over what is the fact.