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Malaysiakini meets fund raising target of RM$350,000 to pay cost and damages in defamation suit

Malaysiakini, Malaysia’s leading independent news agency, has raised RM350,000 (S$117,631) it had urgently needed for its legal defence fund. In a post written to thank all of the contributors, the agency stated that the sum was raised in just 12 days through direct bank deposit, credit card or PayPal transfers. The success of the fund raising showed that the public supported its efforts …

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Why experts advise against wiping out your CPF to buy your first home

by ValuePenguin Buying one’s own home is one of the most monumental moments in anyone’s life. While Singapore’s HDB has kept housing prices relatively affordable compared to other urban areas around the world, it’s still very difficult for most people to shell out tens of thousands dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) to acquire their residences. Given this, many have …

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POSB new notes pop-up ATMs return for convenience of customers preparing for CNY

DBS/POSB is providing a hassle-free experience for its commuters to withdraw and collect new and good-as-new notes for this coming Chinese New Year with the return of POSB new notes pop-up ATMs. It will also be rolling out an online reservation system on 29 January. According to the bank, there will be 36 new-notes ATMs available in more locations – 27 community clubs …

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“Fake news” versus “Fake statistics”

A friend asked me – with all the hoohah on “fake news” – got “fake statistics” or not? Well, from my experience analysing statistics for the last two decades or so – “fake statistics” are very very rare. What we have are often: no disclosure of the statistics partial disclosure of the statistics omitting statistics changing the definition of the …

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