Source: CNA.

Kind-hearted S’poreans trying to help students but get reported to Police instead

by Vincent Low

Yesterday, Police has confirmed on its Facebook that there has been no attempted kidnapping of students from International Schools.


In both cases, one reported on 11 Jan and the other on 16 Jan, the occupants of the vehicles were simply trying to be helpful by offering a lift to the students.

In the first case, a 32-year-old Singaporean was driving a van and saw an international school student walking on the road. As it was raining, the kind-hearted Singaporean offered a ride to the teen.

Instead, a police report was lodged against the Singaporean for attempted kidnapping.

After the investigation, the Police have established that there was no ill intent on the part of the Singaporean driver after speaking to the student, her parents and the man in question.

But the head of the school, Chris Edwards, saw things differently. He said that the Singaporean was “telling” the student to get into the van instead.

In his email to all the parents in his school, he wrote, “He (Singaporean) drove alongside her as she was waiting for the bus and called to her from the road, telling her to get into the van.”

In the second case, involving a student from another international school, a female bus attendant on a school bus from the same school saw the student walking towards the school and thought of giving her a lift. Again, the incident got reported to the Police and as a result, the attendant and driver ended up being questioned by Police.

The CEO of the school, Peter Derby-Crook, then wrote an email telling everyone that two occupants from a van had “tried to entice” their school student to get into the van. He also said they had persisted in “enticing” the student.

“The two occupants got out of the van and continued to entice her but she moved quickly away and arrived at school safely,” he said.

After the student told the school about the encounter, the school went ahead to make a police report. Furthermore, it requested a higher police presence around the school.

So, it seems that these days, it doesn’t pay for Singaporeans to be a good Samaritan, especially towards students studying at International Schools.