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Police: No attempted kidnapping of students from international schools

In a Facebook post on Thursday evening, the Singapore Police Force states that it has thoroughly investigated into the cases reported on 11 and 16 January 2018, where it was reported that students from United World College of South East Asia and Tanglin Trust School had been at risk of being kidnapped near their respective schools, and established that these …

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Did population density really drop, from the perspective Singaporeans?

I refer to the article “Rare dip in Singapore’s population density last year” (Straits Times, Jan 15) It states that “Last year, the average number of people per square kilometre in Singapore dipped slightly – the first time this has happened in more than a decade. Population density growth came to a halt, as foreigner numbers fell while land area …

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Property Buying Guide – Top 4 mistakes to avoid

Property buying guide - Take a walk down Jalan Sultan Commercial Shophouses

Knowledge that can be gleaned from a property buying guide is often ignored by Singaporeans as they felt that buying property is easy as everyone around them owns a property. A strong cornerstone of what it means to be a Singaporean is to own a property (in property crazed Singapore) which we call our home. From generation to generation, we …

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Human Rights Watch: New restrictions in Singapore limit critical voices

Rights Record on Free Expression, Assembly Worsens (New York, January 18, 2018) – Singapore’s government imposed further restrictions on free speech and peaceful assembly while harassing and prosecuting critical voices in 2017, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2018. In the 643-page World Report, its 28th edition, Human Rights Watch reviews human rights practices in more than 90 countries. In his introductory essay, …

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PayNow Pilot for faster, easier disbursement of Edusave monies to ITE and Polytechnic students

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that it will pilot the use of PayNow to disburse Edusave Award monies to Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and polytechnic students in 2018 for greater convenience and efficiency, in line with Singapore’s efforts to become a Smart Nation. PayNow is a funds transfer service that enables the customers of seven participating banks to send and …

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Stop extending the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act!

by Teo Soh Lung The Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) (Amendment) Bill No. 5/2018 which seeks a renewal of the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act (CLTPA) for another 5 years commencing 21 October 2019 and expand its application to offences not covered under the existing law, reflects a government that is totally desensitized to the use of harsh punishments and its …

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Ministry of Finance paid over 50 influencers to promote Budget 2018

Ministry of Finance (MOF) has paid for over 50 social media “influencers” to post on Instagram to promote the Budget process in an effort to reach out to younger Singaporeans. Responding to Today Online queries, MOF spokesperson said, “Given the significance of the Budget to all Singaporeans, MOF taps… a mix of communications channels and platforms. With many Singaporeans obtaining information …

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