Coral Primary School which will be merged with White Sand Primary School. (Source: Google street map screenshot).

Names of primary and secondary schools merging in 2019

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced in April 2017 that seven pairs of primary schools and three pairs of secondary schools will be merged in 2019 which was done in response to falling live births and to ensure that each school has an adequate number of students for a meaningful educational experience.

The names of the merged primary and secondary schools have been finalised by the ministry.

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

MOE stated that it worked closely with all the merging schools throughout the process. In naming merged schools, a range of factors were considered, including the schools’ history and heritage, enrollments, as well as stakeholders’ interests and the sentiments of all schools involved.

It said that the merged school will encompass the identities, strengths and cherished distinctiveness of both merging schools, adding that their history will be formally documented and preserved at a heritage space in the merged school’s building.

MOE also said that it will continue to work with both schools to ensure a smooth transition for all staff and students.

Editor’s note – It is disappointing to see the schools to be merged for the reason of falling birthrates when the MOE could have explored reducing class size to allow teachers to attend to the needs of students and possibly reduce the need for students to seek tutoring outside of schooling hours.