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Laws made worse for Singaporeans after 1966 – Films Act 1981

by Teo Soh Lung My respect for Brigade General [NS] George Yeo, former Minister for Information and the Arts for his contributions to the Arts and being a liberal People’s Action Party (PAP) minister diminished when in trying to understand the reason for the proposed Films (Amendment) Bill 2018. I discovered that he was the one who was responsible for …

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SBS Transit apologizes for “Marry Christmas” typo mistake

Commuters caught a mistake shown on a display board at an MRT station entrance that wished commuters a “Marry Christmas”. The image captured by Ms Michelle Chong was shared on her Facebook account and on Whatsapp. Responding to Channel News Asia queries, spokesperson for Transport operator SBS Transit apologised on behalf of the company, saying, “We are very sorry for the error …

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Warren Fernandez: Journalists have to navigate difficult terrain with a wide sweeping law such as Official Secret Act

Mr Warren Fernandez, Straits Times (ST) editor and editor-in-chief of Singapore Press Holdings’ English/Malay/Tamil Media Group has commented on the case of ST journalist Janice Tai Jia Ling who was provided with confidential information by a Housing Board (HDB) officer between 31 May and 16 July. Ng Han Yuan, 25, a Housing Board officer who works as an estate manager in the …

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