Daily Archives: 2017-12-26

To be effective, TAFEP needs a backbone

By Jose Raymond The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices’ (TAFEP) response to media queries in relation to age restrictions in Singapore’s professional football league for the 2018 season makes no sense, and is anything but fair and progressive. In response to the media, a spokesman for TAFEP said “we note the changes were mainly requiring the minimum …

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Commuters note train delays along NSL on Christmas evening

Train services along North South Line were disrupted last evening (25 Dec) around 11pm, particularly from Yishun to Jurong, due to a signaling fault at Yew Tee station Andy, a commuter, first posted a tweet noting the slowing service around 10:39pm: Fugging smrt train stop for so Long !! @SMRT_Singapore buck up your train service — Andy (@OkCanLaNge) December 25, 2017 …

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What to do if your domestic worker runs away

by Value Penguin When your domestic worker suddenly runs away, it is normal to feel a range of emotions from anger to stress. Especially since you are responsible for her whereabouts and safety, and you will end up with significant financial burdens when she suddenly goes missing. However, there are ways you can navigate around this scenario as confusion-free as possible. …

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