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SDP Chair Paul Tambyah: Jolovan’s courage “should be commended”

Dr Paul Tambyah, chairperson of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), issued a statement on behalf of the party expressing support for activist Jolovan Wham, who has 7 charges brought against him for organising public assemblies. This is the latest show of support following statements by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and local NGO Function 8. Dr Paul quotes the then Prime Minister Lee …

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Petition started calling for charges against Jolovan Wham to be dropped

A petition has been started on Change.org calling for the 7 charges brought against activist Jolovan Wham to be dropped. 7 charges were brought against Jolovan under the Public Order Act, Vandalism Act, and the Penal Code. “As an activist, Jolovan has spoken out against detention without trial and has been an untiring and staunch advocate of free speech, as …

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Singaporeans needs to be pushed to take risks or opportunities

by Chris Kuan The Randstand Global Work Monitor which was partially reported in the Straits Times makes interesting reading about the work mentality of Singaporeans. 59% love to entrepreneur because it gives them more opportunities and yet only 32% would consider leaving their own jobs to start a biz. 71% would love to be an entrepreneur but to them the …

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Apex court asks Parliament to consider giving the court enhanced powers to mete out tougher sentences in certain crimes against vulnerable victims

The Court of Appeal has asked the Parliament to consider giving the court enhanced powers to mete out tougher sentences until up to 1.5 times the maximum penalty prescribed in cases where the offender commits certain crimes against the vulnerable victims, especially children and young persons. In its written grounds of decision released on Wednesday (29 November), the apex court explained the …

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4 tips on getting the best domestic helper in Singapore

by Valuepenguin.sg Singaporeans lead extremely busy lives, and with the steady increase of women entering the workforce, the amount of time left to take care of young children or elderly relatives is decreasing. To alleviate this problem, many have turned to domestic helpers. However, with the sheer number of domestic helpers to choose from, it can be difficult to find …

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Function 8: Prosecution of Jolovan Wham

Below is the statement issued by Function 8, a local non-government organisation in response to the seven charges filed against Jolovan Wham, a well-known activist by the Singapore authorities on 29 Nov 2017.  We are alarmed and disappointed that Jolovan Wham, a promising, award-winning young social worker and a courageous human rights defender, was charged with 7 offences under the Public …

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