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AGC proceeds on charge of contempt of court against Li Shengwu

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has proceeded on its contempt of court case against Mr Li Shengwu. The first pre-trial conference (PTC) took place at the Supreme Court on Monday (13 November). Mr Li, 32, who is the nephew of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the eldest son of Mr Lee Hsien Yang, has appointed lawyer Abraham Vergis of Providence …

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ERP rates to be lowered for December school holiday

Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced the adjustment of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates for the December 2017 school holidays after the completion of its review. In line with the ERP rate adjustment of $1 per Passenger Car Unit (PCU), ERP rates at the following roads and expressways during the specified time periods will be reduced by $1.00 per PCU except …

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To live a long life for properties

by Property Soul Do you know there are at least 3 scenarios that you need to stay healthy and live a reasonably long life for the sake of properties? Scenario 1: When you need to pay a 35-year mortgage. Scenario 2: When you buy your property at a historically-high price. Scenario 3: When you are really into property investment. Scenario 1: …

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Top-down approach cannot fix SMRT culture issue

by David Sim Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, in his parliamentary speech, advocated a top-down approach to fix the negative work culture prevalent in SMRT. (“Right culture starts from the top”; 7 Nov) Indeed, the top management must set the right direction for the company but what is even more important is how they steer the company in that direction. After …

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‘Ah Boys to Men’. Ah Men to what?

by Lee Siew Peng I did not have the personal experience of being compelled to transition from ‘Ah Boys to Men’. I do have two brothers, one of whom graduated Officer Cadet School (OCS) and another who was a regular. I also remember with great fondness crawling in mud with Varsity Christian Fellowship mates in a ‘Christian Walk’ at which male …

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The fault in our parliament

by Harish Karthick The writer would like to start this article of by firstly saying congratulations to our new President Mdm Halimah Yaccob and he is sure that the President will champion the causes of gender equality as Singapore’s first female President. It is imperative in a democracy that people respect the results of the political process regardless of the result. …

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