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5 reason to open a bank account in Singapore (even if you don’t live there)

by SingSaver.com.sg Singapore is set to overtake Switzerland for offshore banking. If you have at least USD 200,000, here’s why you should open an international bank account in Singapore. As one of the financial hubs of Asia, Singapore is a popular destination—not just for tourists, but for money. From the United States to China, people have rushed to invest in Singapore …

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Lured into a Singapore Multilevel Marketing Firm (Disguising its Membership as a Part-time Job Offer)

by Permas I noticed that  Multilevel Marketing (MLMs) like to prey on students/fresh graduates/ORD personnels to sign up in their schemes by posting listings on Carousell, Gumtree or jobstreet. I have yet to see any significant press coverage regarding this issue. Hope someone could be interested to cover this story to educate susceptible youngsters about MLMs and be know exactly …

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“That is life”, Mr Khaw Boon Wan is right after all

by Lee Siew Peng (Dr) I was surprised that Mr Desmond Kuek took so long to say the recent SMRT troubles were due to ‘culture’. If you look at the newspapers in the UK, you will notice how ‘culture’ is never an issue until something goes wrong, and then some senior person will be trotted out to point an accusing finger …

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Migrant Worker Poetry Competition 2017

Back with its fourth edition in Singapore, the Migrant Worker Poetry Competition will be held at The National Gallery on the 3rd of December 2017. Following its debut in 2014, a number of previous contestants have gone on to showcase their work in Singapore’s literary scene, participating and collaborating with fellow artists in events such as the Singapore Writers Festival. …

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