Government to pass $280 million in GST Vouchers – Cash Special Payment in November 2017

Ministry of Finance (MOF) has announced that about 1.37 million Singaporeans are eligible for $280 million in GST Voucher – Cash Special Payment in November 2017.

It stated that this Special Payment, announced in Budget 2017, will help lower-income households with expenses.

MOF said that eligible GST Voucher Cash recipients who have previously signed up for the GST Voucher or past Government payout schemes, and received up to $300 in August 2017, will be receiving another payout of up to $200 under the one-off GST Voucher Cash Special Payment.

“No action is required from them,” it noted.

However, MOF stressed that citizens who are eligible for the GST Voucher  Cash/Medisave and 5-Year Medisave Top-Up but have yet to sign up, are reminded to do so by 31 December 2017.

“They would have earlier received notifications, either an SMS or letter, in July 2017 informing them of their benefits. The Ministry of Finance will also send reminder letters and SMS notifications in early November 2017 to those who have yet to sign up,” it said.

MOH stated that eligible Singaporeans may sign up:

  • At the GST Voucher website ( with their SingPass.
  • By completing the GST Voucher sign-up form that is enclosed in the reminder letters. The sign-up form is also available at any Community Centre, Social Service Office (SSO) or CPF Service Centre. The forms should be sent to Robinson Road Post Office, P.O. Box 2609, Singapore 904609, before 31 December 2017.

Details on the GST Voucher scheme can be found at For more information, members of the public may contact:

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