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World MPs Condemn the Ethnic Cleansing of the Rohingya Minority in Myanmar

The global parliamentary community has condemned today the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya minority in the Northern Rakhine state of Myanmar. MPs have called upon the Government of Myanmar to end immediately the violence and forced displacement of the Rohingya and the blatant violations of their human rights. In a resolution on the emergency item on it agenda, adopted today at the 137th …

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A more emphatic policy for senior and pioneer drivers from GRAB

Below is a letter sent by Mr Lawrence Tay, a taxi driver under GRAB to the company on 13 October. No response has been received from GRAB by the driver till date. Dear Grab Congratulations on the remarkable speed with which you have capture a major portion of the passengers market in Singapore. While I am in awe of your achievements, …

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How big will Singapore homes get?

Spacious marina bay sands at dusk

Here is why Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent residents will be condemned to even smaller homes. If I want to buy property in Singapore, what should I do? Click here. If you think a 600 square feet studio apartment is small, wait till you see the 400 square feet studio units. But of course, a certain group of people have bigger and …

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Citizens take issues with Transport Minister’s statement on maintenance lapses of SMRT

In a Channel NewsAsia report dated 16 October (Monday), it is reported that Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan made his first public address on the major North-South Line (NSL) tunnel flooding incident two weekends ago and stated that the SMRT maintenance team in charge of the anti-flood system at Bishan station had “failed us”. On 7 October (Saturday), train services on the North-South line were affected …

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Golden peanuts doth not golden monkeys make

by Dr Lee Siew Peng We have all heard that saying: pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys. In Singapore taxpayers pay through the nose for million-dollar ministers and CEOs and what do we get? At first, I was unsympathetic. Singaporeans, stop complaining about everything. MRT breakdown. So what? Here in London we face problems on the Tube every day. The MRT …

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The ridiculously exuberant pay of PAP leaders

by Lim Tean I have heard many indignant comments from friends in recent days concerning the outrageous pay of $ 550,000 per annum enjoyed by our part-time Speaker of Parliament. It is astronomical pay like this which seriously undermine the public’s confidence in the integrity of our political institutions. People realise that out in the private sector you can’t possibly …

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