Source : Ministry of Transport.

Revision of ERP charges at PIE and KPE from 6 November 2017

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced the revised ERP rates  on ERP-Priced roads and expressways with effect on 6 November 2017.

The Authority stated that  it has completed its quarterly review of traffic conditions on roads and expressways, and will revise the ERP rates at the following locations:

Source: LTA.

The toll charge for the ERP located at KPE (after Defu flyover) will be increased $1 to $3 for the period between 8am to 9am and the ERP situated along PIE (westbound) will introduce a charge of $1 for the period from 8am to 8.30am.

LTA then added that the next ERP review will take place in November 2017 for the December 2017 school holidays rate review.

Back in 2014, former Minister for Transport Mr Lui Tuck Yew wrote in response to a question filed on whether ERP rates can be freezed, stating that the purpose of the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is to manage congestion on Singapore roads by influencing motorists driving behaviour.

He noted that ERP rates are adjusted periodically so that the speeds on our roads remain within the optimal range. With advanced knowledge of ERP rates, motorists can decide whether to travel as planned, take a different route, travel at a different time, or even change their mode of travel to public transport.

“If we freeze the rates as suggested, we will have more congested roads.” wrote Mr Lui.